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 [Release]DNSEA Trainer v88 and 86

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PostSubject: [Release]DNSEA Trainer v88 and 86   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:28 pm

Nothing new here, I just updated the trainer's addresses for wallhack and no cooldown...

1. Patcher - All in one patcher that enables your client to do multiclient job.
2. Client with attached trainer - This automatically open a DragonNest client with a Trainer, no need to use injector to make injections of trainers. Bug Fixed trainer not showing up.
3. No need for patched GPKitCtl.dll -> Cheers! You can use whether patch or unpatch.
4. No need to set IP -> It is now automatically queries IP from the server itself. PlayDGN or DNSea works 101%
5. Temporary-Trainer-Ban -> Trainer is now temporarily banned on pvp rooms! [Good eh?] No cooldown and capslocking is enabled at any dungeons except for pvp rooms.

Trainer's UI -> Thanks to TrophyWife for the wonderful template.

<========= Guide =========>

How to use:

1. Click the browse button
2. Select either DNSEA or PlayDGN you want to play.
3. Click launch to play DNest.

How to use the Trainer:

¤ Teleport Hotkeys are set from F1 - F10 for the first 10 coordinates and Alt + 1 to 5 for 11th to 15th coordinates.
¤ You can use animation hacks to make your character walk faster than normal. You can do this by enabling your CAPSLOCK key and selecting your class from the combo-box.
¤ Other features are self explanatory. (Wallhack, no animation and no cooldown)

<========= Requirements =========>

1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
2. .Net Framework 2.0 (if you already have v3.5 then skip this)

<========= FAQ =========>

Q1. I get an error "MSVCR100.dll" How to fix this?
A. Download "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008" and install..

Q2. I've already installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, but I get and error .Net Framework is not installed bla bla bla..
A. Download ".Net Framework 2.0" and install, if you already have 3.5 well then its okay, but if you have 4.0, its a must to install this or later version.

Q3. My trainer isnt injecting/showing up what Am I going to do?
A. If you are running windows 7, 8 or Vista, try running the Launcher at ADMIN. And dont forget to patch your client. For XP users, this will 100% work. And Please! Install microsoft visual c++ 2008 redistribute and .net framework v2.0 or v3.5

Q4. My computer is 64bit. Is it going to work?
A. Yes, this is built for 32 and 64 bit users.

Q5. Im playing DN NA version, is it going to work?
A. No, this is meant for DNSEA and PlayDGN only. Outside DN such as Indo, NA, TW. This will not work. Unless they have the same version as SEA or DGN.

Q6. I get an error "Unable to connect to server" how is this?
A. As I've said, dont forget to set your IP. ITS A MUST!

Q7. I get an error "Client mismatch ......" How is this now?
A: Check your client if it is patched correctly, else check your IP if it is set correctly.

Q8. I can run the client, but only once, I cant run it again to do multiclient, What now?
A: Simple, crack your client, by simply clicking the Crack DragonNest button.

Q9. (Process Hacker Problem) I cant see anything on my Command Line . >.<
A: Simple, if you are running windows 7,vista or 8 just run it as administrator and your problem is done. [SEA and PlayDGN version only]

<========= END =========>

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PostSubject: Re: [Release]DNSEA Trainer v88 and 86   Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:40 am

doesn't work <3
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[Release]DNSEA Trainer v88 and 86
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