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 [TUTORIAL]Dragon Nest SEA - Sandboxie Dual Client

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PostSubject: [TUTORIAL]Dragon Nest SEA - Sandboxie Dual Client   Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:31 pm

Dragon Nest SEA Dual Client - For Sandboxie
Windows 7 - 64bit Ultimate

Screenies :


Step 1: Install SandBoxie (any version will do, where to download? use google)

Step 2: Go to Sandbox Tab Click Create New Sandbox - Let's Name it DragonNestSEAA

Step 3: Next step is we create another Sandbox - Let's name it DragonNestSEAB

Now your Sandboxie Control should look like this

Step 4: In the Sandboxie Control Window - Go to Sandboxie Tab - DragonNestSEAA - Run Sandboxed - Run Any

Program - A dialogue window will pop up - Cancel it

Step 5: Same as step 4 but use DragonNestSEAB

Let's Register the DLL Files

Step 6: Go to your Clean (no hacks, no patched gpk, whatever) DragonNest Sea folder - Right Click

dnlauncher.exe, click Run Sandbox - in the Sandbox Window Dialogue Box Click DragonNestA

Step 7: Same as step 6 but click DragonNestB

Enjoy the game -

You should see two GPK Gameguard window and two DNlauncher

When you are prompted by this window just double click the message and click. Sanboxie is copying

required files to their own folder

Another thing when you are prompted by this window - double click this to disable UAC, click OK -

probably your PC is on UAC and Sandbox is being restricted

if you are still being disconnected or try reinstalling/repatch dragon nest

another thing also you can create many dual client as long as you have sandboxie registered, (lol who do this registering stuff); make sure you have sufficient hard disk space.

**PS if you find this tutorial helpful i accept donations in Westwood Server - Mail my lowbie NuSpinX1 -

please make it 50g** (off to work) will not reply or try messaging me politely
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[TUTORIAL]Dragon Nest SEA - Sandboxie Dual Client
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